Wednesday, June 06, 2012



This particular secret today is so pervasive and powerful-relevant to all of us. SECRET #56 is: The follower of Jesus doesn't believe political action, education, religion or corporate power can genuinely transform anyone.
So much money is expended in four most strategic arenas-political action, education, religion and the corporate world. There is this underlying belief that one or a combination of these four can make a major difference in the world. Politicians believe their ideology can transform society. Educators and clerics have the same belief in their perspectives on life. The corporate executives believe they have the power to make most anything work the way they want.
The truth is that none of these or any combination thereof can transform a person. You might experience reformation, but not transformation. Reformation is basically an external change that may never reach the heart. Transformation is internal-an inside-out experience.

We have found that there is only one consistent transformational experience, no matter the cultural background. It's not a technique, a class or program, not a system of beliefs and isn't found in climbing the corporate ladder. It's an encounter with a person-a relationship with Jesus. Whenever a person encounters Jesus, the power of personal transformation is present.

So, here's what I've come to believe. If you are a politician, an educator, a religious minister of some kind or a corporate executive, there is a higher calling on your life. I call this the tent-making principle. In the book of the Acts of Jesus, what I normally designate as the 5th Gospel, because it is a continuation of Luke, Paul, a tent-maker connects with a couple in Corinth who were also tent-makers-Aquila and Priscilla. Paul made a point that he used this trade of tent-making to make enough money so that he would not be a financial burden to those he ministered to. Tent-making was how he made a living in order to practice his higher calling of introducing Jesus to anyone who was leaning in.

Today, the way I see the principle of tent-making is that everything we do for a living is our tent-making. This includes politicians, educators, religious ministers and corporate executives. Each of these fine vocations plus all others are good in and of themselves. However, if you are looking to make a difference in the world, you must see your vocation as simply tent-making in order to do something greater with your life.

Your vocation pays the bills so that you can be a part of really making a difference in your world. I have a new friend who is running for a statewide office here in California. He is very clear that the ultimate difference he is going to make has to do with him being a genuine demonstration of Jesus, wherever he goes, whatever he says and does. The political position is tent-making for him. He is really working for the King of kings and has a much higher calling in life than politics. As Jesus is demonstrated through his life, all kinds of people will experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

I have several friends in the corporate world who work very hard at their jobs. However, they know they are at their positions to make a significant difference in the lives of those around them-to be Jesus in their positions. Lives will be transformed as they are drawn to Jesus.

I am meeting with several members of the clergy. It's been a little more difficult for them, but they are coming to the understanding that even their ministry positions are jobs-tent-making jobs that give them the opportunity to demonstrate Jesus and His Kingdom to those in their various congregations. Again, when Jesus is encountered through these good and well-intentioned ministers, He is the one who has the power to transform a life-not the clergyman or membership in a religious organization.

Only the genuine demonstration of Jesus has the power to transform anyone. Jesus is demonstrated through His followers, simply and powerfully. This is SECRET #56: The follower of Jesus doesn't believe political action, education, religion or corporate power can genuinely transform anyone. The ultimate human change-agent is Jesus. Simply Jesus.