Thursday, June 21, 2007



Today I want to sum up the 8 parables in Matthew 13. Remember, Jesus is answering a fundamental question going through the disciples' minds: "Jesus, what's going to happen to the Kingdom now that the Jewish leadership has rejected you as the King?"

Jesus answers with the 8 parables we've been discussing over the last several days. His answer is: FIRST-The Kingdom will consist of the sowing of the word-the good news of the Kingdom. This sowing will be indiscriminate to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. The Kingdom will be a continual invitation to everyone, no matter their background.

SECOND-The Kingdom will consist of two types of people-wheat and tares (false wheat or weeds). In other words, there will be a constant imitation of genuine wheat standing alongside which are the weeds and will be so much like the real thing it will be difficult to sort it all out. So, don't even try. Jesus will take care of the sorting later.

THIRD-The Kingdom will enjoy incredible growth. It will begin with very few-a very small seed like a mustard seed, then that seed will grow immensely into the size of a large bush. That bush will be strong enough for birds to nest there.

FOURTH-The Kingdom will experience an irreversible growth as when leaven or yeast is worked into a large amount of dough. There is no way to remove the leaven once it is present. In the same way, the Kingdom cannot be stopped; it's irreversible.

FIFTH-The Kingdom is a movement where many will enter into it by surprise. They were not looking for the Kingdom, but when they were exposed to it dropped everything in order to embrace it for themselves.

SIXTH-The Kingdom is a movement where there will also be many who will enter it by searching for it. Many spend their lives seeking out the ultimate answers to life. Then, when they discover what they have been searching for in the good news of the Kingdom, they also drop everything and hold on to this discovery for dear life.

SEVENTH-There will be an ultimate accountability at the end of the age and everyone in the great dragnet will be sorted out individually by Jesus, Himself.

EIGHTH-A person who receives and studies the Kingdom is like a person who now can relate to anyone, because he is able to think through all of God's truth. Once you receive this good news message with ears to hear and eyes to see, you will enjoy an ongoing journey of learning and sharing the universal principles of life.

You know what strikes me the most as I think through all 8 parables? There seem to be only two actions on our part. All of the rest is out of our hands altogether. The two actions are:

1. The primary action that we are to be caught up in is the sowing of the seed-the word-the good news of the Kingdom.

2. The secondary action is that we are to be students of the Kingdom as it universally applies to not only our lives, but for all who God brings to our homes.

In other words, what we are to be all about in our life's work is the sharing of the Kingdom and the studying of the Kingdom. For some reason, I missed it all these years. I have spent my time building churches, producing books, audio and video publications, developing my ability to communicate with the masses in the church and corporate arenas, and discussing the many issues of life-all without any thought of the message of the good news of the Kingdom. I've read about it, but I never understood how pervasive this good news of the Kingdom is. And, I also have missed that this Kingdom of God is already right here, right now. How is it going with you?