Monday, October 30, 2006



The Acts of Jesus is a revolutionary book about world-wide revolution in the name of Jesus! The reason why I call the daily study “Acts 29” is because this revolution continues today as we live it out in our daily lives! It’s a continuation of walking with Jesus, walking with others and waiting on Jesus to lead out with orders and opportunities. Yesterday I delineated 3 of 6 descriptors of what a revolutionary is as reflected in the book of the Acts of Jesus. Now today, I want to set forth the second 3…

FOURTH—A revolutionary redefines success around people. When Jesus first approached a group of fishermen, He redefined success to them by saying that He wanted their lives to be all about fishing for men. This is most profound for all of us today. No matter your occupation, it’s more important to see it for what it is…your vocation is not to be the most important thing in your life when you’re a revolutionary. The most important thing is the people dimension in your world, no matter what you are selling or managing or building or serving. A revolutionary sees himself as moving to the beat of a different drummer…His name is Jesus. A revolutionary is obedient to a higher calling—to love God and love your neighbor as yourself.

FIFTH—A revolutionary makes disciples of all peoples—primarily non-believers. It’s clear to me that we spend most of our time trying to disciple the wrong people. Remember, Jesus’ disciples were non-believers when He called them to follow Him. We tend to start with the wrong people—believers who have been sitting, souring and soaking in a myriad of church services for years. They haven’t learned to be followers of Jesus all along…in fact, they have learned to be “observer-spectators” rather than participants. Revolutionaries see that authentic disciples are more effectively made from non-believers, no matter their cultural or religious background. And then, revolutionaries know that it takes lots of time to make disciples. It’s more than a workshop, series of messages or a retreat; it’s being willing to invest your life into another while doing life together.

SIXTH—A revolutionary leaves the results to God. Within the kingdom of man there is a heavy emphasis upon results—some tangible evidence that God is present. So, this is why we spend lots of time and energy exercising ourselves over “how many” show up or sign up for something. Since we’re walking with Jesus, we only want to share how wonderful things are and that “wonderful” is usually all about RESULTS. But when you are a revolutionary, you have enough confidence in God to leave the results with Him. Revolutionaries are into being faithful more than being successful…focusing on availability to their King rather than depending upon their abilities. Paul had a most remarkable experience in Athens, yet you don’t hear of any vibrant church coming out of it. Paul and his little core of friends were thrown out of some of the best cities and stoned by some of the best, self-righteous, stone-throwers. Yet in the midst of this rejection, you don’t see Paul falling apart over these negative results. You know, when you think about it, results are none of your business. A revolutionary knows that results are to be left in the hands of God…they are His business. A revolutionary’s business is to be faithful to God’s calling…God will do the rest!

This is very clear when it comes to evangelism. Some plant and others water, but God causes the growth to happen! We are to do all that is possible by faith that God will do the impossible!

THE REVOLUTION IS STILL ON and is happening in a neighborhood near you…your assignment, should you accept it, is to find God’s movement and join it!