Sunday, August 05, 2007



If you have been reading and/or listening to ACTS 29 DAILY, it is no surprise what we are attempting to do with respect to making Jesus known-to take a fresh look at the Gospels and what Jesus actually said. It's an attempt to rid ourselves from the blinders of our past indoctrination and to do our best to examine Jesus of Nazareth with fresh eyes to see and ears to hear.

In addition to the ACTS 29 DAILY, which is literally reaching many parts of the world, we believe our calling by Jesus is to mentor (disciple) those who are interested, so that they will be able to bring others along to become followers of Jesus.

We are doing this both personally and in written form. Personally we have been asked to spend more extensive time with faithful followers in other countries, where we will have the opportunity to discuss in depth the basic teachings and principles of Jesus within their cultures. In turn, several of these new leaders will also come to visit us here to spend even more time together.

We are also spending lots of time training a few here who have a passion to go into other countries, but want to go in with Jesus plus nothing rather than as another Christian missionary. We have not sought any of these opportunities, but they have clearly been open doors from Jesus, Himself. We are also happily involved with pastors in this country who really want to re-introduce Jesus to their congregations.

The written materials we are producing are emerging out of several small groups who are committed followers of Jesus. We experience the study material within these groups and learn together how to best write the study.

Our first study book is THE KINGDOM SECRET. It's a non-religious, cross-cultural examination of Jesus of Nazareth and the Kingdom of God. We are so thrilled to make this available to those who are tracking with us. We already have several groupings using the study within the first few days it was made available. These groups have popped up out of prisons, corporate small groups, a group in Alaska being taught by a long-time friend who has found Jesus and loves to share him simply and clearly and it is already being translated into Japanese for the new followers of Jesus there. Each day we are hearing more feedback on what's happening out there.

I want to encourage you to check this study out for yourself. The most important issue in life is your personal relationship with Jesus. It's your personal transformation that is most satisfying and it is most contagious.

The purpose of this study is all about Jesus transforming your life. Enter into this study with an open heart and a prayer for the Lord to change you inside out. Make it your goal to stubbornly follow Jesus. So, first begin with YOU-take the time to study and embrace it for yourself. Make it your passion to be a follower of Jesus.

Also, consider sharing this study with a few of your friends. We're convinced that where two or three are gathered together Jesus will show up-meaningfully and powerfully. You see, if you knew that Jesus was going to show up some place, wouldn't you do whatever you had to do to be there. So try studying this with a few. Encourage each person to do his/her personal study and then come together to share all that was received in the process. You will be amazed at the dynamic of Jesus showing up in your midst.

When someone asks, "What's happening?" or "What are you up to these days?" we have learned to respond, "I'm doing the toughest thing I've ever done in my life. I'm attempting to follow the teachings and principles of Jesus." These are not empty words or clich├ęs. What we are learning as we gather together around Jesus is to interpret the popular WWJD? personally and as a group. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? To ask the question is to discover the answer. But there's more to WWJD? than originally thought. It's WDJD? or WHAT DID JESUS DO? We're learning more and more that the most important thing of all is to do what Jesus did in every way possible.

A major theme for our spiritual journey has become JESUS PLUS NOTHING. Our tendency is to complicate Jesus and our relationship with Him. And, that tendency leads to smothering the dynamic of following Jesus with a multitude of ADD-ONS. These add-ons may be good, but they are not the best and become insidious distractions away from the simplicity of devotion to Jesus.

Since Jesus apprehended our lives in the past few years, we and a few of our friends are stubbornly devoted to the following covenant: · Embrace the teachings and principles of Jesus as a lifestyle. · Mentor others to do the same. · Believe God for raising up leaders. · Empower the youth of the world. · Restore the broken, abused, addicted and poor. · Serve everyone Jesus brings to you.

So, I want to encourage to acquire THE KINGDOM SECRET and get started on your Jesus journey. To order this book requires a minimum donation of $10 (plus P & H) to THE PARTNERSHIP. Your donation goes entirely back into printing additional copies to make available. To order, either call 949-285-2212 or email

Tomorrow I want to share with you how the Jesus revolution is working.