Monday, January 24, 2011



If you are a follower of Jesus, then you are automatically connected with other followers of Jesus, HOWEVER, we must act that out. In other words, act as if you are connected with other followers of Jesus.

Your connections are so helpful when you're in trouble. When you're in trouble, you need your connections more than ever! This is not the time to pull away! There's an amazing dynamic that seems to be present when a person either fails or is overwhelmed by his troubles. So many in this situation hide out and don't want to be with others. They seem to separate themselves from the very context of community that could provide healing.

Adam and Eve were connected with the Creator, walked with Him everyday, yet they pulled away from him when they blew it and hid behind a bush. Think about how foolish they were to believe they might be able to hide from God! This is precisely how foolish it is for a person to think everything will be alright, just by hiding out from others. When a person pulls away from others after blowing it, he is hiding behind a "bush" in the spirit of Adam an Eve. You see, when you hide out from others, you are effectively hiding out from God and therefore denying the only channel of genuine healing.

When you feel the need to hide out, due to your fear, anger, guilt or shame, you are ignoring the fact that you have connections-healing connections to get you through anything you're going through right now. Here's how these basic connections work. FIRST-In most cases there are people in your life already. Identify them and seek them out. We continue to notice that those who are friendless are usually too wrapped up in themselves. When you are wrapped up in yourself, this is truly a very small package. We also know that if you find yourself friendless, it's time to go proactive and be a friend. Everyone is looking for a safe relationship-a faithful friend. So, don't wait for someone else to make the first move. You initiate what you would like someone to do for you. That's how it works!

SECOND-If any grouping of two or three people determines to gather together around the teachings and principles of Jesus, Jesus will show up! Groups come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of purposes. There is something special about a group of men or women or couples coming together to do life together-to support one another. That group dynamic will work extremely well on its own, however if you can gather around the teachings and principles of Jesus and discuss their meaning and application to each of your lives, there is something that begins to happen within that group that is more than special. It's supernatural! Life's too short, difficult and confusing to try to live your life alone.

A group gathering around Jesus is so simple and yet powerful. We have found it very effective to begin a group around a study book Diana and I created a few years ago entitled The Kingdom Secret. This is a simple walk through the teachings of Jesus about how to live your life on the Kingdom level and not settle for what the local herd is doing. We are preparing several other Jesus studies, too! If you want to start a group around The Kingdom Secret, email your order to We ask for a donation of $10 per copy. Whether you use this or not; study something together from the teachings and principles of Jesus. I know of a group who has been taking a chapter from the Acts of Jesus each week and finding great benefit out of their discussions together.

The early disciples had a four-fold emphasis when they gathered together: They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42) That amounts to (1) studying and discussing the teachings of Jesus, (2) fellowship, (3) eating together and (4) praying together and/or for one another.

Three vital observations here: 1. Don't operate alone! Avoid making the world revolve around you. This just limits you too much. 2. Determine to walk with others-to do life with others-hanging out with one another. With all of our networking tools today there is no excuse for not walking together. 3. Discipline yourself to be connected. Let me make it clear that it is easier to walk alone sometimes. Picking up that phone can become like lifting a 50 pound weight. Discipline yourself to do it or you will regret it-big time!

In order to make a difference in your world and feel that sense of personal satisfaction-peace, joy, love, hope, you need to live substantially-live life more fully! Living life fully requires that you walk with Jesus. AND when you walk with Jesus you are the walking solution to people's needs everywhere! The only way to walk with Jesus is to walk together with others who want to walk with Jesus, too.

You've got connections! Make them work!