Wednesday, June 06, 2007



Matthew 9

In the ninth chapter of Matthew we come to a series of incidences that illustrate King Jesus preaching and practicing the good news of the Kingdom.

FIRST-Jesus had the authority to forgive sins-1-8. SECOND-Jesus had the authority to welcome sinners into the Kingdom without requiring them to go through an obstacle course for approval-9-13.

ALL RELIGIONS seek to bring man into a right standing with God! You must perform some religious acts-follow religious tenets. Over the centuries they used child sacrifice-human sacrifices-animal sacrifices-to pay.

This is the lesson of the call of Matthew! Jesus is saying to all of the non-religious, "YOU ARE WELCOME. NOW COME ALONG AND FOLLOW ME!"

THIRD-Jesus had the authority to offer Himself as the new wine for new wineskins-14-17. Jesus makes it clear that those who follow Him are very different from all of the other "religious" people. Those who follow Jesus will be drinking a new wine-Jesus. And what is the new wineskin Jesus is referring to? The new wineskins are those of us who believe in Jesus. Jesus is the new wine and we are the wineskins. Think of it! We contain the new wine-JESUS-and this new wine is the only real significance we have!

FOURTH-Jesus had the authority over death (Jairus' daughter) and touched an unclean woman to heal her from a 12 year-long disease-18-26.

FIFTH-Jesus had the authority over the blind, the mute and the demonized-27-35.

Each incident of healing in these verses offers an additional picture of faith-simple, yet real faith-personal trust in Jesus and what He can do.

The first incident here is the healing of two blind men. It's interesting to note that these blind men came to Jesus with an obvious request-to be able to see again! Jesus directly asks them if they really believe He is able to make them see. As soon as He got their answer, He immediately touched their eyes saying, "It shall be done to you according to your faith."

I wonder how much of our blindness has to do with our lack of belief-faith and trust. I must admit that I have not been one who ruthlessly trusts in Jesus. My spiritual stance has been to trust Jesus and do all I can do to make things happen. We are learning-slowly-to trust Jesus with everything. I want to be able to see again. How about you?

The second incident here is the healing of a mute man who could not speak because of demonic oppression. He was brought to Jesus and Jesus immediately went to work and healed the man so that he could talk again.

There are two definite responses regarding this particular miracle. 1. "Never seen anything like this before." They were amazed! 2. "His power is from the ruler of the demons." They were annoyed!

This is one of the 3 miracles the Jewish people had always believed the Messiah would be able to perform when He showed up. The 3 miracles were: · The healing of a leper. · The healing of a man born blind. · The healing of a man who was not able to hear and speak.

To be amazed by this miracle was to be receptive to the possibility that Jesus might indeed be the Messiah. To be annoyed by this miracle was to be threatened by the possibility that this radical Jesus might indeed be the Messiah.

What if Jesus were to do something outside your box of expectations? How might you respond? Would you be threatened or would you simply trust Him. Personally, I suggest you learn to trust Him.

After these Kingdom miracles, Matthew summarizes what Jesus is doing: 35 Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.

The "good news" of the Kingdom was good news because of the King-Jesus.