Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The Acts of Jesus is a revolutionary book about world-wide revolution in the name of Jesus! The reason why I call the daily study “Acts 29” is because this revolution continues today as we live it out in our daily lives! It’s a continuation of walking with Jesus, walking with others and waiting on Jesus to lead out with orders and opportunities. So, what I’ve come to realize is THE REVOLUTION IS STILL ON!
As I reflect on the entire 28 chapters of The Acts of Jesus we’ve just completed, there are 6 descriptors of a revolutionary that stick out to me. I will share three with you today and the other three tomorrow to round out the month.

FIRST—A revolutionary walks, talks, thinks and loves like Jesus. When Jesus told the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit to come upon them to give them power, it was to bear witness of Jesus. It wasn’t to witness about your church or denomination or your religious cultural background. We are to bear witness to others about the person of Jesus and our experience, strength and hope we find in Him. We are to witness with our actions, reactions, lifestyle and to sometimes use words, our personal story. But it is all to be about Jesus. We are to lift Him up and He will draw men to Him. My first two evangelism classes I ever took were filled with the memorization of Scripture verses in order to “argue my faith”, my “Christian faith”, with any and all comers—Mormons, Roman Catholics, Jehovah’s Witness, Buddhists, Hindu, Moslem and Jewish. It wasn’t about how to bear witness of Jesus, but to “convert” others to my way of thinking. Now, I know differently, a revolutionary walks, talks, thinks and loves like Jesus.

SECOND—A revolutionary lives by the principles of the kingdom of God and not of man. The kingdom is where someone rules. Your kingdom is all that you have “say over”, so the kingdom of God is where God rules—where God has “say over” everything within it. You are the king of your kingdom, until you meet Jesus. Then, you must submit your kingdom to His kingdom—to the King of kings. The kingdom is also where the king is. Wherever the king is, this is the kingdom! The kingdom of God is all about the presence of God in our lives. These are two most powerful needs within the fellowship of Jesus today: 1) To submit to the rule and sovereignty of God on a daily basis. We are such control-freaks that we can hardly give over that steering wheel to anyone else, not even God. But have you noticed that the “itty, bitty, committee” in your head that demands that you control things also has gotten you into some real messes and relational wreckage? Therefore, a revolutionary knows a better way—to live within the Kingdom of God. 2) To know the presence of the King every day. We live among crowds, yet our loneliness factor is off the charts most of the time. It’s this sense of alienation we feel at the gut-level. Sometimes it’s almost unbearable and this is not a rare thing in the kingdom of man, but very common. Therefore, a revolutionary chooses to live in a different kingdom altogether—the Kingdom of God where God rules and dwells!

Unfortunately, too many “churches” today are KINGDOMLESS and therefore, become the system needed for forgiveness of your sins, cleaning up your act with the attitude, “You take care of the church and the church will take care of you.” There seem to be 3 primary hindrances to living the Kingdom of God principles: 1. The desire to have the approval of others. 2. The desire to secure ourselves by means of material wealth. 3. The evil one ready to pounce and steal your seed that was planted in your heart.

JESUS BROKE THE SYSTEMS—ALL SYSTEMS and said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand” or to Matthew, the non-religious tax collector, “Come, follow Me!” Jesus breaks all the monopolies and offers grace and freedom to everyone through His kingdom. And, revolutionaries make that same offer as they live in the Kingdom of God.

THIRD—A revolutionary finds life-support in the fellowship of Jesus. A revolutionary participates within a fellowship of followers of Jesus and finds that it is within this fellowship that his life takes on meaning and strength. You see, in the fellowship of Jesus there are certain things you learn to do together that make that fellowship a revolutionary: 1. You learn to teach one another the teachings and principles of Jesus. 2. You learn to pray together—agreeing in the name of Jesus for answers to life’s greatest struggles and questions. 3. You learn to enjoy eating together, feeling safe to share your heart, your joys and your burdens with one another. 4. You learn the empowerment of true fellowship together by doing life with a few others who hold you up and help you get through the piles of life. 5. You learn to love one another to the point that you take care of one another’s needs—physically, emotionally, fiscally and spiritually. 6. You learn how to be one with others, just as Jesus prayed for us to be one in Him.

This is where I want to spend the rest of my life being a revolutionary, hanging out with revolutionaries and making revolutionaries all in the name of Jesus! I can’t see any place I’d rather be nor any better place to spend my time, talent and treasure than in this revolution. So, IS THE REVOLUTION STILL ON? It most certainly is. THE REVOLUTION IS STILL ON! Come along and join the revolution!