Friday, October 06, 2006


It's Thursday evening here and we about to gather for dinner. We are having full days of fellowshipping, counseling, encouraging and meet people from all over the world! As you know, Stephen, the key man God has used to begin a mentoring House of Peace abmong the Tibetan people, passed away and his funeral was earlier this week. When we arrived yesterday, we first met with the family and then had our own, private graveside service with the family. It was most moving, indeed.

All day today we have been hanging out with leaders from Nepal, India, Bhuton, Switzerland and France. What an amazing experience to share to enjoy fellowship with one another from our various cultures! We also have had opportunity to meet with a few of the mentors who have been given the position of Ambassadors to the poor in the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth. These are young Buddhists who are diligently following the teachings and principles of Jesus...just like the early disciples of Jesus. We will be with them all tonight at the House of Peace.

We have also been meeting with the family to discuss the future of mentoring here without Stephen. I am so encouraged with what the Lord has opened up for continuing the mentoring here. I'll share more later.