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Paul Samuels said...

My buddy Ned McNair sent me a link to Embers and The Myth of being religious II. I enjoyed reading it and will look forward to using some my my time to read further.
While on the one hand this was so basic one would wonder why everyone does not immediately understand. And one the other hand one remembers the various traps believers fall into trying to be something God is not interested in them being. I believe that maby times part of the cause is that people can't quite grasp the adjustment from the baby at Christmas to the God-Man. I wrote the following to help myself make that leap of understanding and have found that it has helped many others. I hope it will bless the Embers and others should you allow it to post. Permission is granted to post this copywrited material

Life Stages of my Messiah ©Paul Samuels

You were a baby,
crawling, gurgling, drooling,
the Creator of sound itself unable to utter a word.

You were a toddler,
learning to walk, touching everything you could,
experiencing with human hands all that You created.

You were a teenager,
what a sight You must have been sitting there with the Rabbis
talking about the words You wrote.

You were a man,
working in the carpenter shop with dad, making chairs, tables, cabinets.
Then suddenly, you put down your tools, kissed mother good bye and went to the Jordan, where John baptized you, and Father affirmed Your call.

You were a Rabbi,at thirty, a teacher, healer, a lover of the unlovable, calling those whom You created to walk with God the Father in relationship rather than a rulebook.

You were obedient,fulfilling the scripture You wrote,not uttering a word as they shed Your blood.
But then, at the end, it was not man's, "I'll get even," but, "Father, forgive them."

You were dead,they pulled your limp body from the cross.How frail you seemed.
Only three hours, so little time to kill the greatest Man to ever live.
Filled with tears and not understanding, those who loved You, carried You to the tomb.

You didn't stay there,
You conquered death. Three hours to die, three days dead and then victory!
You returned, bringing us the gift of eternity.

You live, high and lifted up,
at the Father's side, and in the hearts of all of us who believe.
You are My Messiah!

Paul Samuels said...

there were a couple of typos I did not notice. I would appreciate it if you could correct them before posting
and one the and on the
that maby that many
I wrote the following
The Lord gave me the following to help me

Thanks so much